Strawberry Projects

The NSSI has awarded competitive grants to 26 projects in 13 states in order to improve the sustainability of the US strawberry production system. Funded projects were relevant to project priority areas and led by public or land-grant universities. Strong grower engagement, outreach, and educational components were required.

Project priority areas include:

  1. increasing regional and local strawberry production, supply and availability
  2. reducing chemical and energy inputs in strawberry production
  3. conserving and preserving water resources
  4. improving soil quality and health in the production system
  5. reducing food safety risk to consumers
  6. reducing post-harvest crop losses especially spoilage
  7. increase the value of strawberries through the supply chain
  8. developing a metric for strawberry sustainability
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Phase I Projects

Phase I of the NSSI closed in June 2014 with significant outputs and impacts made by the 20 projects to sustainability priority areas. 


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Phase II Projects

Phase II focused on moving technology from demonstration to practice in conjunction with more than 30 strawberry growers across the US. Projects concluded in June 2015.



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Phase I E-Book

"Moving the Needle: Accomplishments of the National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative 2013-2014" summarizes the outputs of Phase I projects.

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Phase II E-Book

"Success in the Field: Accomplishments of the National Strawberry Sustainability Initiative 2014-2015" summarizes the outputs of Phase II projects.